Linear Encoders (Optical Type)

Linear optical encoders, by Industrial Encoders Direct – UK & Worldwide suppliers & emergency repair specialists of linear optical ALS Series encoders.

Linear optical encoders, as opposed to magnetic encoders can play a valuable role where greater linear precision, accuracy and linearity are needed.

  • Please click here to download the ALS Datasheet logo-adobe-pdf-40x ALS Series sealed Optic Linear Encoder Scales are protected from dust, chips and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools. An aluminium housing and elastic sealing lips protect the scale, scanning carriage and guideway from chips, swarf, dirt and splashwater The scanning carriage travels in a low-friction guide within the scale unit. It is connected to the external mounting block by a coupling that compensates unavoidable misalignment between the scale and the machine guideways. Sealed linear encoders are available with full-size scale housings for high resistance to vibration up to 12000 mm measuring length. For further information, click Product Enquiry below.  
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