MLS-1 – MLS-1 Series

Please click here to download the MLS-1 Datasheet logo-adobe-pdf-40x

Intended to measure linear displacements on industrial machines & automation systems, the MLS-1 high precision Magnetic Linear Encoder system produces standard incremental encoder signals. It consist of a sensing head and a magnetically encoded tape. The sensing head glides over the tape, with a head gap of up to 2.5 mm. Since the system works on the principle of magnetism, unlike optical systems it is highly immune to contamination from oils, dust etc. The tape’s alternating magnetic north / south poles are magnetized at a certain distance, known as the pole pitch. As the sensor is moved along the magnetic tape it detects the displacement and produces an output signal equivalent to that of an incremental encoder or a linear scale. a resolution of up to 1 µm is achievable with the MLS-1. A linear accuracy of 5µm can be achieved with this system. These properties make it ideal for use in harsh industrial, oily & dusty environments.  For further information, click Product Enquiry below.


Please click here to download the MLS-1 Datasheet logo-adobe-pdf-40x

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