Potentiometers – Industrial

Industrial potentiometer suppliers. Industrial Encoders Direct provide emergency repairs & replacement of industrial potentiometers, specialist suppliers of industrial potentiometers as well as brand name encoders. Whatever your encoder or potentiometer requirements our team of specialists can advise.

We are proud to offer our very innovative replacement for the conventional industrial potentiometers. This special encoder contains no contacting parts and can be easily programmed by the user to produce a linear Voltage (0 to 5 Volts), (0 to 10 Volts) or Current (4 to 20mA) over any number of turns or even only part of one turn. The analogue ramp voltage or ramp current (programmed by the user) is directly proportional to shaft position and is truly Absolute and can be set up to ramp in either direction. This means that once power is removed from the encoder, if the encoder shaft was turned during power down, regardless of how much it was moved during power down, just like a mechanical multi-turn potentiometer, the encoder will wake up at the new Absolute analogue position. In addition, the encoder comes with a digital under limit and over limit indicator. These will create a logical open collector NPN output that can be sent to the PLC to indicated that the encoder has been sent outside the programmed ramp area. Also, 4 independent digital CAM position outputs can be programmed by the user anywhere within 4096 shaft rotations, or fractions of a rotation. For example, these NPN open collector outputs can be used by the PLC to indicate when a gate such as a Sluice Gate, is say, quarter open, half open, three quarters, etc…


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