Bespoke Encoder Solutions

Whether it is required for replacement of an existing absolute or incremental encoder, or a brand new application, requiring just one encoder or several thousand encoders, Industrial Encoders Direct will probably have a solution that meets your exact requirements and if not, please talk to our team so that we can offer to design an encoder to match your exact requirements using our unique bespoke encoder manufacturing service.

Special & Bespoke Encoder Manufacturing Service

IED’s flexible manufacturing systems allows special or bespoke encoders to be produced easily, even when only a single encoder is required for prototyping or emergency breakdown. Special features can include:

  • Special encoder disc patterns
  • Special electronic design
  • Special logic functionality
  • Bespoke mechanical assembly
  • Special connector or cabling
  • Multi-functionality encoders
  • Other special features
Encoders for every application & environment

We have encoder solutions available for virtually every application. For example:

  • OEM encoders – low cost high volume
  • Heavy Duty industrial encoders
  • Food Industry approved encoders
  • Very high speed encoders (up to 30,000rpm)
  • Very high resolution encoders
  • Hazardous Area encoders
  • Petrochemical application encoders
  • Marine application encoders from ship-deck to deep-sea
  • Motor encoders
  • Defense industry encoders
  • Field-bus encoders
  • Linear encoders


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